Chief Financial Officer
Brief info

Mark's extensive professional background includes a broad spectrum of experience in corporate governance and startups across multiple industries and locations, including the Philippines, San Francisco, Singapore, and Dubai. His wealth of experience has enabled him to navigate and excel in diverse business environments and cultures, making him a valuable asset to any organization.

In addition to his hands-on experience, Mark is also an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School Online program, where he completed a course on Alternative Investments. This further solidifies his knowledge and expertise in the field of finance and investments.

As an accomplished professional, Mark has been appointed to serve as a member of the board of directors for several international companies. His keen insights, astute business acumen, and strategic thinking have been instrumental in guiding these organizations towards their goals and achieving sustained success.

Overall, Mark's extensive experience, advanced education, and proven leadership abilities make him a highly sought-after expert in corporate governance and startup development. His contributions have helped numerous businesses thrive and succeed, making him a valuable asset to any team.